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OH! So Many MEs!

OH! So Many MEs!

SKU: 364215376135191

'Oh… So Many MEs!ʻ, is my new children’s book containing 13 hand painted images over 26 pages with bold primary colors and a simple rhyming scheme that teaches young women the importance of self-worth and hopefully inspires young readers to explore even when life seems impossible.


I wrote and illustrated this with the intention of creating a hard-page, lay-flat book that a mother can read to her daughter before bed. I wanted choice to play prominently in the book and specifically designed each character to be as representative of the population as possible... The last thing I want a child to think of is "Why didn't any of the drawings look like me?” I kept the pages clean, the typeface bold and the message clear and I've had proofs made with multiple sizing's and find that 5.65 x 7.5in fits in a Childs hand perfectly and emboldens the child to pick it up, flip the page and continue the adventure.


Finished with the help of my mother, C. M. Sutherland and longtime collaborator, Shaun Schroth, who both helped me make #ohsomanymes into a cohesive product. 


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